Bearing Supplier in China

Deep Groove ball bearingsBearing industry is an important industry in the machinery industry. Since the birth of Cixi bearing factory in 1985, the number and scale of Cixi bearing industry has been rapidly developed, and it has become one of the pillar industries in the industrial economy of Cixi, and it has come the best in the production and export of small and small deep groove bearings in China, so that Cixi enjoys the “king of bearing king” The country is “good reputation.”

Affected by the international market, the bearing industry of our city, which has been depressed for several years, has seen a slight rise this year. Throughout the industry, taking our city bearing “main production area” as an example, the “polarization” is increasing day by day: 10% of the enterprises to achieve more than 10% of the growth, 30% of the enterprises to maintain the size of the previous year hovering, 60% of the enterprises deteriorating, on the verge of elimination of the edge of the exit. Enterprise transformation and upgrading of no one’s time.

Bearing Manufacturer

With the deepening of globalization, our company actively go out and develop “The Belt and Road along the huge potential market. From the situation of export market, India, Brazil, Argentina and other emerging market countries are relatively active in negotiations, and the steady, steady and steady trend of the steady development of bearing foreign trade is further consolidated.

Our company has advanced bearing production equipment and testing instruments, and has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, bearing products strictly according to GBIT307.1 national standard production metric and British bearing, special products for ultra-thin micro bearing and flange bearing, the annual output of about 20000000 sets, material can be bearing steel, The precision of rusty steel and beryllium bronze is from ABEC-1 to ABEC-5. The products are famous for its high speed, high precision, low friction, low noise and long life. Specializing in the production of 6700 series, 6800 series, 6900 series. Among them, 6700670167026703670467056706 is the leading product of our company.

As a Bearing Supplier, our products are mainly used in: textile equipment (circular loom special 608ZZ, 6000ZZ); various types of motor: fitness equipment (massage motor, treadmill motor, scooter, beach car), household electrical appliances (air conditioning motor, washing machine motor, pump motor, smoke machine motor, vacuum cleaner motor, oil smoke machine motor, bake cell motor motor, ceiling fan) Entertainment equipment (mahjong motor); electric tools; pneumatic tools; garden machinery; motorcycles; furniture; toys and other fields.

Our company strives to do better, do more professionally, make the price more reasonable, and products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions and win good reputation among customer .Our customer regard us as a reliable bearing supplier.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, our company has always adhered to the quality policy of “improving and keeping pace with the times”, facing the market, facing the future, constantly developing new products, improving the production process and improving the market competitiveness. Through years of unremitting efforts, our products have won the trust and support of many customers at home and abroad.