Bearing Quality

Bearing quality

Bearings as industrial grain, from ancient times, has been used to today’s society, more types, better accuracy, technology and quality are getting higher and higher, but many factory skilled workers are still difficult to judge whether the quality of good bearings, even when installed without attention will damage these bearings and finally be buckled a poor quality hat, today we will probably talk about it. Talk about some problems of bearings!

Bearing market in China

First of all, we will know some trends of domestic bearings. Bearings are mainly divided into three categories: domestic bearings, imported bearings and Shanzhai bearings. Over 50% of the main high-end manufacturers and factories in China are monopolized by foreign bearings, while 30% of the low and medium-end markets in China are basically controlled. In terms of price, a foreign product can buy more than 3 to 10 domestic bearings, while Shan has more than 10 domestic bearings. Zhai products do not say that the money to do that, disrupting the order of the whole market, of course, you make money, do not make the people miserable.

Many people don’t really understand foreign bearings: they are mainly imported bearings, on the premise of having customs declarations and certificates of origin. Domestic processed products, bearing affixed to foreigners, may be polished by domestic factories. At most, heat treatment and other parts are products purchased and assembled by themselves, and to avoid being duped into buying false shafts for the sake of cheaper drawings. Cheng, that’s really a loss for my wife and a break for my troops. Especially when installing bearings, remember to choose the right bearings. Never put them in without hammer. It’s easy to break the cage and outer ring. Tell you a few small ways. The first is to use lubricant to lubricate while turning in. The second way is to grind sandpaper and then easily put them in. Remember to be gentle with bearings!

Important factor for bearing

The most important factor for bearing is steel and heat treatment, china domestic bearing steel because it can not erase impurities completely during training, so there is a certain difference in quality with foreign steel, followed by the process of polishing a single good but batch polishing, because the wear and tear of equipment can not be accurate, the last is heat treatment. This has always been the object of our study. Good bearings can only be known by looking at materials and services through our own experience.