Ball Bearings

Ball bearing are precision mechanical components that reduce the frictional losses by converting the sliding friction between the running shaft and the shaft seat to rolling friction. Ball bearings are generally composed of four parts: inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage.

The function of the inner ring is to cooperate with the shaft and rotate together with the shaft; the outer ring function is to cooperate with the bearing seat to play a supporting role; the rolling element is to help The cage distributes the rolling elements evenly between the inner ring and the outer ring. The shape and quantity of the rolling elements directly affect the performance and life of the rolling bearing. The cage can evenly distribute the rolling elements and guide the rotation of the rolling elements from lubrication.

In the design of mechanical parts, rolling bearings and sliding bearings are often used. Compared with sliding bearings, rolling bearings have the following advantages and disadvantages.
(1) In the general working situation, the rolling bearing has a low coefficient of friction and does not change with the change of the friction coefficient. It is relatively stable; the starting and running torque is small, the power loss is small, and the efficiency is high.
(2) The radial clearance of the rolling bearing is small, and it can be eliminated by the axial pre-tightening method, so the running accuracy is high.
(3) The axial width of the rolling bearing is small, and some of the bearings are subjected to both radial and axial composite loads. The structure is compact and the combination is simple.
(4) Rolling bearings are standardized components with a high degree of standardization and can be produced in batches, so the cost is low.
(1) The contact area of ​​the rolling element rolling body and the pipe is small, especially the ball bearing, and the impact resistance is poor.
(2) Due to the structural characteristics of the rolling bearing, it is determined that the radial clearance is relatively large, resulting in large vibration and noise.
(3) Rolling bearings have reduced life under high speed and heavy load conditions.
(4) The inner and outer rings of the rolling bearing adopt an integral structure, which cannot adopt part of the structure, which makes it difficult to install the bearing in the middle of the long shaft.

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With the implementation of China’s reform and opening-up policy, a large number of bearing products in advanced foreign technology fields have entered China one after another. Due to political influence at the initial stage of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, once abroad, the dissemination of civil bearing technology and product sales have also been affected. Obstruction, but eventually because of China’s huge consumer market and the rise of national industries, most of the well-known foreign brands have set up subsidiaries and even manufacturing plants in China.

Although the domestic bearing industry has made significant progress and improvement, there is still a big gap between the promotion of technical quality and the concept of after-sales maintenance. Overall, commercial output value has inherent weakness compared to foreign bearings. High-end bearing domestic industry The popularity of the industry needs to be expanded and developed.